The ALS Reading courses are scientific, research-based, integrated courses for grade levels 1-8. This program directs students from beginning reading levels to more advanced reading skills. Reading I, II, and III have tutorial and instructional voice support. Course features:

  • Reading is presented as a collection of year-long courses
  • All lessons contain a study guide, a practice and mastery test, and an essay or constructed response
  • Lessons include a variety of essay types such as descriptive, persuasive, expository, and letter writing
  • These courses are certified by MetaMetrics® with a Lexile® score
  • The content in these courses is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for the Standards of English Language Arts. In addition, it addresses the core reading skills identified by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, comprehension, and fluency
  • Each Reading title consists of four units: Reviews, Word Analysis, Comprehension, and Literary Skills

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Reading I introduces students to the identification of upper and lower case letters, vowels, consonants, patterns in consonants and vowels, classifying, word families, antonyms, homophones, compound words, synonyms, phonograms, prefixes and suffixes, introduction to nouns and verbs, predicting outcomes, interpreting feelings, drawing conclusions, story details, similarity and difference, cause and effect, spatial-position clues, charts, and graphs. 43 lessons. **Fast-Track available



Reading II covers consonants and vowels, verbs, nouns, plurals, pronunciation, root words, prefixes and suffixes, context clues, abbreviations, core subject words, analogies, sequencing, main ideas and details, fact and opinion, classifying, characterization, common expressions, story elements, purpose in writing, fiction, and nonfiction. 45 lessons. **Fast-Track available



Reading III continues with a review of consonants, vowels, verbs, plurals, syllables, prefixes and suffixes, context clues, core subject words, abbreviations, alphabetizing, sequencing, classifying, recognizing main ideas, story details, tables, diagrams, graphs, fact and opinion, comparison and contrast, predicting outcomes, fiction and nonfiction, folktales and fables, reality and fantasy, literary forms, and figurative language. 43 lessons. **Fast-Track available



Reading IV focuses on consonants, vowels, verbs, plurals, pronunciation, syllables, root words, prefixes and suffixes, homonyms, words with multiple meanings, recognizing main ideas, cause and effect, characterization and other story elements, summarizing and paraphrasing, point of view, purpose in writing, common expressions, fiction and nonfiction, tall tales, folktales, fantasy, literary forms, and figurative language. Selected authors include White, Henry, Irving, and Emerson. 43 lessons. **Fast-Track available



Reading V covers sound-letter correspondences, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, review of vowels, verbs, contractions, plurals, word analysis skills including suffixes, prefixes, analogies, connotation and denotation, pronunciation and syllabification, comprehension skills including sequencing and classifying, recognizing main ideas, story elements, prior knowledge, reading selections to demonstrate setting, reality and fantasy, poetry, short stories, propaganda and bias, narrative and expository materials, and high frequency words. Selected authors include Irving, Burnett, Tennyson, Emerson, Twain, and Wordsworth. 45 lessons. **Fast-Track available



Reading VI instructs students in pronunciation skills and symbols, review of consonants, vowels, verbs, word analysis skills, sight words, core subject words, words with multiple meanings, sequencing, alphabetization,  comprehension skills including conflict and climax, fiction, nonfiction, fables, poetry, figurative language including alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, irony, personification, flashback, and foreshadowing. Selected authors include Burnett, Longfellow, Irving, Defoe, Crane, Burns, and Poe. 48 lessons. **Fast-Track available



Reading VII teaches and reviews verbs, consonants, vowels, word analysis skills including Greek and Latin words, connotation and denotation, word similarities, abbreviations, comprehension skills including classifying, comparing and contrasting, recognizing cause and effect, point of view, literary terms, elements of fiction, examples of newspaper writing, poetry, drama, and figurative language. Selected authors include Dickens, Twain, Washington, Crane, Stevenson, Hardy, London, Shelley, Dryden, and Sidney. 40 lessons. **Fast-Track available



Reading VIII focuses on consonants, vowels, verbs, word analysis skills including Greek and Latin words, compound words, antonyms, homonyms, core subject words, comprehension skills including recognizing outcomes and conclusions, cause and effect, predicting outcomes, common expressions, biography and autobiography, poetry, literary devices, and figurative language. Selected authors include Tolstoy, Longfellow, Emerson, Henry, Franklin, Thoreau, Irving, Bierce, Bradstreet, Henry, Shakespeare, and Lawrence. 42 lessons. **Fast-Track available


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