How it Works

Mastery-Based Learning System

ALS is a mastery-based learning system.
Students must pass the lesson’s Mastery Test with a score of 70% or higher in order to move onto the next lesson.

The student will have up to 3 chances to score 70% or higher. ALS automatically grades the lessons, mastery tests, & assigns a score in the grade book. The parent will be responsible for manually grading any essays & assigning a grade for those essays.
New concepts are taught & reviewed Students practice what they learned Tests the objectives in the lesson Students communicate what they learned


*Essays are not included in all lessons and are not required in order to proceed to the next lesson.


Required Software: Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) are required and free to download

Internet Connection: A stable high speed internet connection is required (DSL or Cable is required. Satellite is NOT fast enough)

Operating System: Can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems. Tablets, iPads and Chromebooks can be used for certain courses

Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer or Safari are recommended (or any other browser that enables Java and Flash content)

Fast Track Option

Fast Track is an invaluable option if you feel that your child may be above or below grade-level or if you are starting our courses mid-year. If you request a Fast-Track course, your child will complete an Assessment on all topics taught in that course before any lessons are assigned. After the assessment is finished, the ALS system will prescribe lessons in ONLY the topics NOT mastered during the Assessment (less than 80% score). This will reduce the amount of lessons needed to complete the course. Fast Track saves time for students that are above-grade level because they will not have to complete lessons they have already mastered. This also helps students that may be below-grade level because you can request the Fast-Track option on lower grade level courses in order to bring your student up to grade level quicker, without having to repeat an entire course. Fast Track may be requested on our Enrollment form. Fast-Track is offered in most courses in our catalog including Language Usage, Reading, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Science & Social Sciences. Fast-Track is a free service for our students!

Plans & Pricing

Get your 1st month for ONLY $9.95
Cancel Anytime
Monthly fee for up to 6 courses.
Cancel Anytime
Save $110 every year compared to the monthly plan by paying annually.

The Home Learning institute offers a variety off courses for grades 1 -12.  This is an affordable choice that offers a good degree of flexibility in the way that the material is delivered to meet your families needs.  Most of the material is self corrected using the interactive training tools but assignments and essays will still need to be assessed and corrected by the parent.

top100.png Top 100 Educational Website of 2017!


Home Learning Institute: I love the fact that this option is so affordable!  The cost is only about $50 a month. With options for full curriculum, or advanced courses and diploma programs for the older grades, it is ideal for any budget.  A monthly program gives you access to over 120 courses that are approved by most state and federal education programs.


The flexibility of Home Learning Institute is certainly a plus-and homeschoolers appreciate flexibility! We also appreciate having a little help, but remaining our child’s teacher! Home Learning Institute offers both! And MORE!



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