Why Choose Us

Home Learning Institute’s mission is to provide affordable, award-winning online curriculum to students and families all over the world who choose to learn at home. By purchasing access to online curriculum as an organization, we save our families thousands per year in tuition or subscription-based service fees. As a result, we pass those savings on to you! Enjoy our educational advantages:

  • Completely web-based and accessible anywhere, anytime
  • ALS has incorporated every state’s learning standards in order to help students master state requirements and testing through their own learning paths
  • Tailored to fit all learning styles, interests and needs
  • Lessons are enhanced by graphics and multimedia pictures to keep student’s interest
  • Fast Track is offered for most courses, students may skip those lessons that are already mastered
  • Most lessons are automatically graded saving valuable time

**The ALS system will automatically grade lessons, except for Essays.
**Essays will need to be manually graded by the parent, teacher or guardian.

Comprehensive Learning Through Each Lesson

Study Guides teach students the concepts and skills associated with each lesson

Practice Tests allow students to work through practice exercises while providing immediate feedback

Mastery Tests determine whether students have learned the lesson material

Essays give the student a chance to communicate what they have learned

Affordable Homeschooling Option

Home Learning Institute offers an affordable alternative to the Public or Private Schooling options. We offer courses that are just as rigorous as those offered by public or private schools. In fact, the curriculum offered by Home Learning Institute is the same online curriculum that’s offered in hundreds of public and private schools all over the nation. The difference is Home Learning Institute allows the parent to take control of their child’s education. YOU decide your child’s curriculum! YOU have control over your child’s grades and lessons! YOU are your child’s teacher and can control your child’s pace and schedule! When enrolled in a public or private school, the assigned teacher is in control of your child’s education. But when you Homeschool with Home Learning Institute, you enjoy unlimited freedom and quality curriculum at an affordable price!

Plans & Pricing

Get your 1st month for ONLY $9.95
Cancel Anytime
Monthly fee for up to 6 courses.
Cancel Anytime
Save $110 every year compared to the monthly plan by paying annually.

The Home Learning institute offers a variety off courses for grades 1 -12.  This is an affordable choice that offers a good degree of flexibility in the way that the material is delivered to meet your families needs.  Most of the material is self corrected using the interactive training tools but assignments and essays will still need to be assessed and corrected by the parent.



Homeschool.com Top 100 Educational Website of 2017!


Home Learning Institute: I love the fact that this option is so affordable!  The cost is only about $50 a month. With options for full curriculum, or advanced courses and diploma programs for the older grades, it is ideal for any budget.  A monthly program gives you access to over 120 courses that are approved by most state and federal education programs.


The flexibility of Home Learning Institute is certainly a plus-and homeschoolers appreciate flexibility! We also appreciate having a little help, but remaining our child’s teacher! Home Learning Institute offers both! And MORE!