Mastery-Based Learning System

ALS is a mastery-based learning system. Students must pass the lesson’s Mastery Test with a score of 70% or higher in order to move onto the next lesson.

The student will have up to 3 chances to score 70% or higher.

The Anywhere Learning System automatically grades the lessons and mastery tests and assigns a score in the grade book.

The parent will be responsible for manually grading any essays and assigning a grade for those essays.

ALS contains a comprehensive curriculum that includes the following for each lesson:

Study – New concepts are taught and reviews conducted
Practice – Students practice what they learned
Mastery – Tests the student on the objectives in the lesson
Essay – Gives the student a chance to communicate what they learned (essays are not included in all lessons)


Required Software: Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) are required and free to download

Internet Connection: A stable high speed internet connection is required (DSL or Cable is required. Satellite is NOT fast enough)

Operating System: Can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems. Tablets, iPads and Chromebooks can be used for certain courses

Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer or Safari are recommended (or any other browser that enables Java or Flash)

This is a LIMITED DEMO, as these examples does not include sound.

2nd Grade Math Demo

2nd Grade

3rd Grade Vocabulary Demo

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Social Studies Demo

3rd Grade

4th Grade Reading Demo

4th Grade

5th Grade Science Demo

5th Grade

6th Grade Writing Demo

6th Grade

7th Grade Language Demo

7th Grade

Pre-Algebra Demo


US Geography Demo

US Geography

Spanish Lesson Demo


Biology Demo


Personal Finance Demo

Personal Finance
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