College Readiness

College Readiness

Preparation is the key to success. Are your students prepared to take college classes when they leave high school? Are they ready to take the college level placement tests required to qualify for dual or concurrent enrollment? Many students initiate their postsecondary education only to find they are underprepared to begin college-level coursework. The College Readiness courses are effective when used in preparation for college-level placement tests or as an intervention for skill level development.


ARITHMETIC (Grades 9-12)

Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, Division 1, Number Sense, Division 2, Fractions 1, Fractions 2, Decimal Number Operations, Statistics, Fraction Concepts, Percent Concepts, Basic Operations 1, Basic Operations 2, Percent 1, Percent 2, Percent 3, Graphs and Tables, Solving Equations 1, Solving Equations 2, Problem Solving 1, Problem Solving 2, Problem Solving 3, Problem Solving 4, Square Roots and Triangles. 24 lessons.



Basic Operations 1, Basic Operations 2, Distributive Property, Integer Operations, Like Terms, Polynomials, Evaluating Expressions, Roots and Radicals, Trinomial Squares, Factoring Trinomials, Methods of Factoring, Difference of Squares, Polynomial Operations 1, Polynomial Operations 2, Polynomial Operations 3, Solving Equations, Properties of Equality, From Words to Equations, Solving Word Problems, Rational Operations 1, Rational Operations 2, Complex Rationals. 22 lessons.



Factoring Out Monomials, Difference of Squares, Factoring Trinomials, Rational Expressions, Complex Rationals, Exponents, Negative Exponents, Rational Exponents, Factoring by Grouping, Methods of Factoring, Rational Operations 1, Rational Operations 2, Binomial Theorem, Linear Equations, Graphing with the T-Table, Slope of a Line, Slope-Intercept Equations, Fitting Equations to Data, Compound Inequalities, Linear Inequalities 1, Solving by Graphing, Linear Inequalities 2, Graph Linear Functions, Parallel and Perpendicular, Addition and Subtraction, Absolute Value Equations, Solving by Factoring, Quadratic Functions, Graphing Parabola, Relations and Functions, Relations and Functions in the Coordinate, Plane, Identifying Linear Equations, The Coordinate Plane, The Pythagorean Theorem, Circles, Ellipses, Hyperbola, Geometry-Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometry-Reciprocal Functions. 41 lessons.


Parabolas, Inverse Functions, Solving Polynomial Equations, Exponential Equations, Logarithmic Functions, Graphs of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometric Inverse, Functions, Growth and Decay, Imaginary Numbers, Complex Numbers 1, Complex Numbers 2, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Sequence, Arithmetic Series, Geometric Sequence, Geometric Series, Infinite Geometric Series, Angles, Sin, Cos, and Tan, Graphing Functions 1, Graphing Functions 2, Solving Trigonometric Equations, Trigonometric Identities, Double and Half-Angle Identities, Sum and Difference Identities, Solve Right Triangles, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines. 28 lessons.



Mood and Tone, Main Ideas, Core Subject Vocabulary, Fact and Opinion, Five W Questions, Outcomes and Conclusions, Paraphrasing and Summarizing, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Purpose in Writing, Making Inferences, Connotation and Denotation, Analogies, Point of View, Characterization, Story Details and Sequence, Classifying Information, Conflict and Resolution, Story Elements, Context Clues and Reading. 20 lessons.



Parts of a Sentence 1, Parts of a Sentence 2, Parts of a Sentence 3, Clauses 1, Clauses 2, Clauses 3, Adjectives 1, Adjectives 2, Phrases, Verbs 1, Verbs 2, Verbs 3, Verbs 4, Verbs 5, Usage Problems 1, Usage Problems 2, Usage Problems 3, Usage Problems 4, Clauses 4, Clauses 5, Clauses 6, Parallelism, Verbals 1, Verbals 2, Verbals 3, Capitalization, Punctuation-End Marks, Punctuation-Basic Comma Rules, Punctuation-Commas for Clauses, Punctuation-Colons and Semicolons, Punctuation-Quotations, Punctuation-Apostrophes, Punctuation-Parentheses, Italics, and Dashes. 33 lessons.


The Home Learning institute offers a variety off courses for grades 1 -12.  This is an affordable choice that offers a good degree of flexibility in the way that the material is delivered to meet your families needs.  Most of the material is self corrected using the interactive training tools but assignments and essays will still need to be assessed and corrected by the parent.

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Home Learning Institute: I love the fact that this option is so affordable!  The cost is only about $50 a month. With options for full curriculum, or advanced courses and diploma programs for the older grades, it is ideal for any budget.  A monthly program gives you access to over 120 courses that are approved by most state and federal education programs.


The flexibility of Home Learning Institute is certainly a plus-and homeschoolers appreciate flexibility! We also appreciate having a little help, but remaining our child’s teacher! Home Learning Institute offers both! And MORE!