A+nywhere Learning System Enrollment Form

  • Thank you for your interest in our Anywhere Learning System Package. By enrolling in this package, you will receive both Student & Parent accounts in the system.
  • The monthly fee for this package is $39.95 per month for up to 6 courses. Additional courses are $5/each per month. Discounts are available for multiple children in the same household. Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis, unless you cancel 5 days prior to your next billing date.
  • In addition, you will receive free access to our Britannica School Online reference center. Access is good through August 31st.
  • Please complete this enrollment form. Once we receive it, we will send you an invoice for payment to the email address you list on this form. Once paid, we will process your enrollment. If you have multiple children, you will need to complete this form separately for each child.

  • All fees are nonrefundable. $39.95/month includes up to 6 courses. Each additional course is an additional $5/month.Some course literature refers to ALS Powerpack or Virtual Labs options. These features may not be included in some courses. Further, you agree that Home Learning Institute is not a school and does not provide transcripts or official report cards. The parent or guardian is solely responsible for their child’s education. By submitting this form, the parent agrees to follow any applicable homeschooling laws in their state or district.