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The Digital E-Text Package includes 8 digital E-texts: Student & Teacher manual downloads for a grade level in all 4 core subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies. 

Our Digital E-Text Package includes 4-subjects for each grade level. Available in grades K-12, you will receive downloadable student e-texts and teacher manual e-texts for each subject (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies). These e-texts can be used as a full year curriculum. Each complete text is delivered in a single PDF, enabling the flexibility of offline viewing and printing of the full text, after downloading. Course content is aligned with the national standards. You will receive your digital e-texts quickly... usually the next business day after payment is received. You won’t find a more complete and affordable program!

Lessons are laid out in a consistent fashion in the teacher’s manuals for each subject. For each lesson, the teacher’s manual lists:
• The lesson objective
• Key vocabulary words—might be used for spelling and /or vocabulary or to help students comprehend what they will read
• Materials needed
• Literary selections when appropriate—some of which are printed directly in the student manual
• An “engaging” question which the teacher uses to begin the lesson
• Supplemental engagement activities that appear for some lessons
• Extensions that appear for some lessons—these might be used with accelerated or lagging students
• Technology resources—for some lessons, suggestions are given for utilizing technology, especially websites that contribute to the lesson
• Additional Notes to the Teacher—outline or summarize the lesson
• Advance Preparation or Homework Required—gives the teacher a heads up when extra time will be required.
• Lesson Wrap-Ups—only in K-2 Math

Each family that subscribes to our Digital E-text Package also receives:


This complete online reference suite is included in our Digital E-Text Package. Access is good through August 31st. Britannica School is a trusted, safe reference tool for students of all ages. It features:
• Thousands of searchable encyclopedia and journal articles, images, videos, audios, primary source documents, detailed maps, editor-recommended Web sites, learning games, a world atlas, Merriam-Webster dictionary in English and Spanish, and a wealth of how-to research tools.
• Alignment with national and state standards
• Daily updates with new articles & multimedia elements curated by the world’s leading content & editorial experts.
• Reading levels that match each student’s ability. A single keystroke adjusts an article s complexity while maintaining the age-appropriate look and format of the page!
• Intuitive Search and Discovery — Use the search box at the top of every page. Browse by subject or media type. Check out the weekly rotating content on the home page. Every search topic produces a wide variety of trusted sources to review.
• Robust Accessibility Tools – Students can use and cite an article as evidence in papers or projects, look up an unfamiliar word in the pop-up Merriam-Webster dictionary, print out an article or favorite it, along with images and videos, for later reference. Click to activate .]the text-to-speech feature or change the font size for easier reading.
• Mobile-friendly — Enjoy the same outstanding viewing experience on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or other Internet-connected device with a web browser.





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