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apluslogoFor one low monthly fee, your child can receive access to top-notch online learning with our Anywhere Learning System (ALS). ALS has incorporated every state’s learning standards for grades 1–12 in order to help students master state requirements. The ALS system is tailored to fit all learning styles, interests and needs of students and families. Lessons are enhanced by graphics and multimedia pictures (including audio in lower-level grades) in order to keep the student’s attention. 


ss1-300x133The ALS system contains more than 5,500 lessons and more than 200,000 content pages of research and objective-based, problem-solving courseware. The ALS system prepares students for state standardized testing by including integrated alignments for all state and most national standards-based tests (TerraNova, SAT 9, ITBS, TABE, etc) into ALS assessments and content.



The ALS courseware contains a comprehensive curriculum that includes the following for each lesson:

Study - New concepts are taught and reviews conducted

Practice - Students practice what they learned

Mastery - Tests the student on the objectives in the lesson

Essay - Gives the student a chance to communicate what they learned (essays are not included in all lessons)




ALS is a mastery-based learning system. Students must master each concept with a score of 70% in order to move onto the next lesson. The Anywhere Learning System automatically grades the lessons and mastery tests and assigns a score in the gradebook. The parent will be responsible for manually grading any essays and assigning a grade for those essays.




FAST-TRACK OPTION: In addition, we can customize your child's curriculum path if you feel that your child may be above or below grade-level or if you are starting our courses mid-year with our FAST -TRACK OPTION! If you request a Fast-Track Option, your child will complete an Assessment on all topics taught in that course before any lessons are assigned. After the assessments are finished, the ALS system will prescribe lessons in ONLY the topics NOT mastered during the Assessment (less than 80% score). This will reduce the amount of lessons needed to complete the course. This optional personalized learning path is an invaluable asset for some families.

The FAST-TRACK OPTION saves time for students that are above-grade level because they will not have to complete lessons they have already mastered. This also helps students that may be below-grade level because you can request the Fast-Track Option on lower grade level courses in order to bring your student up to grade level quicker, without having to repeat an entire course. The FAST-TRACK OPTION may be requested on our Subscription Enrollment form. Fast-Track is offered in most courses in our catalog including Language Usage, Reading, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Science & Social Sciences. Fast-Track is a free service for our students!


*For $39.95 per month, you will receive unlimited access to up to 6 courses for one student ($30/mo for additional students in the same family). Additional courses after the 6 are an additional $5 per month per course. Courses that come in two parts (for example, Algebra 1A & Algebra 1B) are considered one course. You will not be charged additional fees for courses that include a second part. Included in the fee, you receive a separate "teacher" login to grade essays, print reports and monitor your child's progress.



Required Software: Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) are required and free to download

Recommended Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer or Safari (Google Chrome does not support Java)

Internet Connection: A stable broadband internet connection is required (DSL or Cable is required. Satellite is NOT fast enough)

Operating System: The ALS system can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems. Tablets, iPads and Chromebooks are not recommended as they have limitations when it comes to Java and Flash



Each family that subscribes to our ALS curriculum also receives:




 This complete online reference suite is included in our Anywhere Learning Package. Access is good through August 31st. Britannica School is a trusted, safe reference tool for students of all ages. It features:
• Thousands of searchable encyclopedia and journal articles, images, videos, audios, primary source documents, detailed maps, editor-recommended Web sites, learning games, a world atlas, Merriam-Webster dictionary in English and Spanish, and a wealth of how-to research tools.
• Alignment with national and state standards.
• Daily updates with new articles and multimedia elements curated by the world’s leading content and editorial experts.
• Reading levels that match each student’s ability. A single keystroke adjusts an article s complexity while maintaining the age-appropriate look and format of the page!
• Intuitive Search and Discovery — Use the search box at the top of every page. Browse by subject or media type. Check out the weekly rotating content on the home page. Every search topic produces a wide variety of trusted sources to review.
• Robust Accessibility Tools – Students can use and cite an article as evidence in papers or projects, look up an unfamiliar word in the pop-up Merriam-Webster dictionary, print out an article or favorite it, along with images and videos, for later reference. Click to activate the text-to-speech feature or change the font size for easier reading.
• Mobile-friendly — Enjoy the same outstanding viewing experience on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or other Internet-connected device with a web browser.




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