About Us

Home Learning Institute’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality online curriculum to students and families all over the world. Homeschoolers can now have access to award-winning, comprehensive online curriculum that was once only offered to public and private schools.

By purchasing access to online curriculum as an organization, we save our families thousands per year in tuition or subscription-based service fees. As a result, we pass those savings on to you!

  • We provide the most affordable online curriculum being offered to homeschoolers today!
  •       All members of our staff are either current or former homeschooling parents
  •      Wide variety of options: Digital E-Texts, Individual Courses, or Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions
  •      Completely web-based and accessible anywhere, anytime
  •  Our courses are standards-based across multiple states and National standards
  •       Complete core and elective courses are available for all grade levels
  •       Our courses are self pacing for independent study promoting an atmosphere where students take ownership of their own learning
  •       Parents are allowed to serve as their child’s Teacher
  • Most lessons may be customized by the parent/teacher
  •      Most lessons are automatically graded, saving our parents valuable time
  •      Certified Teacher Services are available for an additional fee with our college-bound courses
  •      Britannica School, an online reference center is included in most subscription services