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Our courses are standards-based across multiple states and National standards. Complete core and elective courses for Grades 5-12 includes mid-term and final exams. Each course has 18 lessons per semester. Milestone assignments provide cumulative assessments throughout the courses.
Separate teacher log-in for the parent is included. Courses have built-in answer keys and the lessons and gradebook can be customized by the parent. We also offer a teacher-grading option for an additional fee.
365 days of online learning available for one low fee. Students can take one course or multiple courses during that year. A 90 day option is also available. Learning-Styles profile, Teacher-grading option and Foreign Language courses available for an additional fee.

21st Century Learning

Home Education made Easy


For one low fee, you have access to over 80 online courses covering core subjects and many electives. Each one-year course contains 36 lessons, with a four-to five hour-hour workload per lesson (totaling approximately 144 class hours). A semester course contains eighteen four- to five-hour lessons. Each lesson represents one week in the traditional school calendar, and includes a built in test or quiz.

Our courses contain complete lesson plans, answer keys, assessments and a parent/teacher response component for each question. We let you, the parent, function as the Teacher, and you direct your student's education as you feel best suits his or her needs. You are free to include or exclude any parts you wish, as well as add special assignments to enhance the course of study. Our electronic grade book provides 24/7 access to each student's progress and archives past quizzes and tests that can be reviewed online at any time.

Our courses are self pacing for independent study. Lessons are 'research-based', encouraging students to find the information, not just read posted material. Our courses inspire students to become critical thinkers, who view all sides of an issue and can arrive at thoughtful conclusions. The curriculum is embedded with a strong teacher voice that allows students to work through their courses as self-guided and self-paced, promoting an atmosphere where students take ownership of their own learning.

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